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ABA Policy & Billing: Click here for Apple Health (Medicaid) Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) policy and billing during the COVID-19 pandemic

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) policy and billing
AT&T mobile hotspot information

AT&T Mobile Hotspots & Activation Fees: T&T is waiving activation, upgrade and restocking fees for customers who buy a device online. 

AT&T offers more mobile hotspot data to unlimited-plan users and waives activation fees
Free & Low-Cost Internet Plans

Zoom Security and Privacy: HCA statement on security in telehealth technology, that Zoom for Healthcare is HIPAA compliant, and instructions to confirm you are using the HIPAA compliant version of Zoom.

HCA statement re: Zoom security concerns

​HCA's Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR) created this behavioral health provider COVID-19 information/guidance document, based on the questions presented during the weekly webinars and emails.

Note: Check this document regularly because things change in a few hours with Federal and state government guidance.

HCA Weekly Update for Behavioral Health Providers

Free Zoom Licenses: The HCA is offering a limited number of no-cost telehealth technology licenses for providers. Click here for information and the link to the Zoom application page.

HCA Zoom licenses
HHS waiving potential HIPAA penalties

​Washington State Health Care Authority has providing a limited number of Zoom licenses to help providers deploy telehealth services. Zoom is a video conferencing technology. The link HERE provides information on qualifying and applying for a Zoom license as well as introductory information on using the Zoom platform.​


​Washington State cell phones carriers will provide Lifeline services to eligible clients. Lifeline is the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC's) program to make communications services accessible to low-income consumers. The link HERE will provide details and instruction.​​

Free & Low-Cost Internet Plans: NDIA has created a list of free & low-cost internet plans which is updates daily.

Verizon announcement of extra data during coronavirus pandemic

The Washington State Telehealth Collaborative will provide a forum to improve the health of Washington residents through the collaboration and sharing of knowledge and health resources statewide and increasing public awareness of telehealth as a delivery mechanism.  The Collaborative seeks to enable development and delivery of technology-assisted programs that promote access, sustainability, utilization and affordability of Telehealth services.

Preparing to Use Telehealth Videoconferencing: NRTRC has partnered with the Upper Midwest Telehealth Resource Center (UMTRC) to produce a video toolkit aimed at helping care providers prepare for using telehealth videoconferencing. To access the library of short videos, click here.

NRTRC - Telemental Health Toolkit
Verizon - 15GB of extra data

WiFi Access: Xfinity WiFi Hotspot Access Opens Nationwide in Response to Coronavirus - Xfinity WiFi hotspots in out-of-home locations will be available for free to anyone who needs them, including non-Xfinity Internet customers, to keep our communities connected with their friends and family. Instructions and additional information available here.

Xfinity WiFi Hotspot Access